Measured with experience.

Because my grandfather was a cabinet-maker and my father a carpenter, I care about accuracy of construction – it’s ingrained in me to build precision pieces for crafted experiences.

I offer you.


There is nothing old fashioned about my design styles. Each crafted component of my websites are dove-tailed into place with the latest trends and styles. As you can see, I even use ‘colourful’ words to describe my design process. It is a process with all the checks and balances needed to create a great website.


All quality constructions take a little time. But the timeframe can be quite short if the materials needed are supplied by you as soon as possible. The materials are the words and images needed to construct a website that will sell your services or products efficiently. Our best tool is discussion and research before design.


We support every website we create with a free 3 month maintenance program to ensure the construction ’settles-in’ without too many cracks! Even with great intensions for accurate interpretations of the latest web standards of ‘responsive’ design, some problems can occur. We fix them as soon as possible.

The graphic used here was drawn ONCE. Then the app I use to design this – and your website – allows me to quickly and cheaply change the colours and other bits ‘n pieces to offer variety of appearance.

What that means.

Speed and low-cost websites.

With clever techniques and modern software along with a sprinkling of creativity and huge lashings of design, advertising, marketing and management skills, I can deliver you a website that can SELL your product or service in an efficient manner.

Uniquely hand-built.

Every website I create is unique.
But I use the most up-to-date tools to speed up my process. Creativety and cost have an important relationship with small business and I make every effort to keep that ‘tight’. My websites are fully responsive. You know, work on mobiles too.

Security and support.

The hosting company I use is world-wide and offers daily backup with every plan. An internet hiccup recently made part of a site I created disappear, the tech guys had it back online in minutes! While that does not happen very much, it is a great comfort to know you are secure.
I check all my websites regularly and will keep in touch.

Training from a qualified person.

For a number of years I was a part-time teacher and lecturer at CIT and Canberra University. With a Cert IV in ‘Training & Assessment’ from CIT, I can structure your learning of WordPress and this ‘builder’ app in the most beneficial form for you.

SEO and Google.

Every page on a website must have ‘key’ words and other connections with Google and other search engines to list you as high as possible. We will discuss this ‘techo’ area.
Another tool I set up is Google Analytics that allows you to keep track of searches and see whether you have repeat business or new customers.

Design and marketing.

My extensive list of skills on the About page are always on offer to you. While this website is dedicated to providing cost-effective web production, I can include any or all of the skills for your business. I have been in business for nearly 40 years and can bring managial skills into the set also to help startups. We can discuss over coffee.

Art group website

See the real site.

You will be taken away from this website.

Like to know a price?

I firmly believe in discussing price up-front.
While there are many variations that can be included in a website, I have a few set-price options. I also include a ‘price calculator’ on this website so you can work out your own budget.
No matter which way you look at pricing – you get what you pay for – quality takes time. I charge Australian prices for an Australian product. I do NOT use overseas sweatshops like some others do.

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