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Canberra Art Workshop
After I re-designed Rick Cochrane’s website he asked me as President of Canberra Art Workshop to re-design and construct a better website for its members.  They had a simple website, built on a free WordPress template that was old fashioned and worst of all only allowed their artwork to be shown at small sizes!
The people that were helping maintain the website were also under a false impression of what could be shown on the website today. Speed increase of ADSL and now NBN enable much larger photographs to shown without speed impairment. They also lacked the skills to optimise the images dispayed.
Brand development.
The brief was established at a board meeting:
Large images to show-of the art;
Ability for members to show their work effectively;
Show-off exhibitions before and after they are on show;
Have on-line joining facility as well as downloading a pdf;
Eventually have membership communications through the website.

What we delivered.

I use the word ‘we’ here because I cannot create a great website by myself. I must have the customer being part of the development team.
The design process was difficult. The committee needed to be in the loop as much as the president. The existing logo could not be found in a high quality format, so I re-design a modified – and better – version.
A succesfull look was established and construction completed.
Training of one member was undertaken and her job was to maintain the site and keep information fresh.
Unfortunately for me, her colour sense and design approach has meant the site is currently NOT looking as I intended. It still is a much better site that what CAW had before and it seems members are happy.

A much better communication tool has been established.
Member artwork is shown in a much better way.
Membership communication in the backend has not been established.

Like to know how much?