Canberra Fertility Centre

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Canberra Fertility Centre
Dr Chris Copeland from The Canberra Fertility Centre in the early 1990s became my client for normal graphic design work on brochures, fact sheets, advertising material and then as the internet became a reality, a website.
The original website was pretty clunky but efficient.
Stage 2 design was better but still clunky in design terms. It carried a huge amount of information in PDF brochures.
Brand development.
The brief given was:
Too long ago to remember. But it certainly stated that we include pages with downloadable PDF brochures.

What we delivered.

A mainly text based HTML site. We used bright colours and all the little techniques we could with limited speed of the internet back then to make it attractive.
We followed a design theme that we created for our print products of using ‘flowers’ as attractive breakouts.

While the CFC was a client of mine for nearly 20 years, worked on the website for about 8 years. Since then the practice was sold to a national organisation.

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