Canberra Lake Estate

Never went to air.

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Canberra Lake Estate
In the late 2000s, I started advertising and marketing Canberra Lake Estate, situated on Lake Gininderra in Belconnen. Developed by Kiena, one of my clients. I began as usual designing a logo, preparing all the collateral for TV, print, and web, when Kiena decided to bring a real estate agency into the mix. With our first project Harrison Park, an agent had not been used because the land or land/house packages were selling as fast as needed WITHOUT an agent! This was at the time of the  ‘financial crisis’ so they wanted to sell faster.
Unfortunately for me the agent selected wanted to use their own marketing department so my work never saw the light of day. My client was very upset and wanted me to stay in the group to ‘keep an eye’ on the agents, but it was quickly obvious they were starting to ‘back-stab’ me. Fully paid I resigned the commission.
Brand development.
The brief was wide open:
The usual.

What we delivered.

A design only that never made it live!

Like to know how much?

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