Canberra Rotary Peace Bell


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Canberra Rotary Peace Bell

When Michael Rabey from my Rotary club, Canberra Burley Griffin came to me with the idea of raising money to build a World Peace Bell in Canberra, of course, I thought it a good idea.
Part of the fundraising of over $250 000 was planned to be through a website. The World Peace Bell Organisation in Japan has been in operation for over 50 years and peace bells are in 22 cities across the world. The Australian World Peace Bell is in Cowra.
All the websites I researched were poor and had low resolution images of the bells! The World Peace Bell Organisation themselves only had a website created in Microsoft Word and exported as a webpage.
This was a huge challenge in researching images of bells that could have resolution improved in Photoshop and then developing a full site with a donation plugin connected to PayPal.
Proudly the bell is being constructed in December 2017 after over $100 000 was raised due to a great team in RCCBG and many great supporters and financial partners.

Brand development.
The brief was wide open:

It must include the club’s logo and Rotary International logo;

Some images of the architects drawings were available.

Images of landscaping were also available;

The people were glad to meet and be part of videos;
Videos were needed to help fund raise at other Rotary club’s;

The ACT Government had approved land for the bell’s pavilion.


What we delivered.

After many, many weeks of research and extensive Photoshop work, I was ready to start the web design and construction process.
But before that, I felt I needed to produce a number of videos to help tell the story. Michael Rabey has natural screen presence and made creating the videos easy! A number were shot with ‘green screen’ to allow me to add different images at a variety of times, quickly and easily. All were shot at a very low budget, but with quality equipment. All edited in Adobe Premiere and Apple’s iMovie.
The website was created with Divi in WordPress with the intention of allowing other members of the club to help.
Keeping participants informed about the progress was deemed important and regular updates about money raised and news items were published on the site. A Facebook page was also created and we encouraged all participants to post.
A YouTube page also created. Videos are also shown on the website through connection to YouTube and Vimeo.
We added a plugin to show upcoming events for the general public and friends.
Currently, we are building a membership component that will keep ‘friends of the bell’ informed about upcoming projects they can help in. It will be the ’noticeboard’ for their rosters in ‘bell ringings’ and other events.

The bell is under construction and will be launched in February 2018.
The website is the BEST in the world of its type.
It is constantly being updated and is a living document.

Like to know how much?