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Dance kids
In 2011 Sue Jones asked me to create a website for her Dance Kids business. It was to be highly visible with lots of photos and lists of events. It happened that she had a logo designed by another studio that had closed down. I knew the old owner so could contact and get the logo in Adobe Illustrator.
Brand development.
The brief given was:
An up-to-date logo existed;
The site show include animations and lots of photos.

What we delivered.

The site was designed in my html days and while it was as creative as I wanted it to be at the time was still a bit lacking. It contained over 100 photos! Sue was happy but eventually updating caused a problem until one of her assistants said they could change the site to WordPress.
That went ahead at no cost to her, so my days on the project ended.


The site is still active under the new look and I am still friends with Sue. By the time I moved to WordPress it was too late to change. And beside I would charge

Like to know how much?