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Peter Dawson & Associates
Peter was a member of the Rotary Club, Canberra Burley Griffin so approached me to build a website for his business back in 2009.
The project began as usual with creating a design in Adobe Photoshop, presenting those to the client for approval, before beginning construction in Adobe Dreamweaver.
That was the process in those days.
Brand development.
The brief given was:
Easy navigation;
Look professional;
Low price.

What we delivered.

The design philosophy in those days was to have a navigation bar as part of the design. It was very ’technical’ looking compared with today’s free-looking designs.
The closest thing we could produce to a shopping cart was to list a lot of photos of product. We did that on this website and customers would email or phone to purchase!
Due to lack of page speed with the internet then, we kept images small and designed in a ‘frame’ with simple colour as backgrounds.
The website design style followed closely to the corporate image design I had created firstly for his business cards, letterhead, presentation folder etc.


The business is ongoing and we will show a link to his current website. I lost track of Peter after my retirement. While whoever created his current website attempted to follow my design, they fall quite short!

Like to know how much?

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