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Back in 1990s we produced artwork for a gastroenterological practice in the Canberra Hospital Precinct. They wanted to change their name and restructure the practice that had many partner doctors.
We were asked to create a new corporate image and as part of the brief, to come up with a new name! Then as the internet started to make its mark, we identified the need for a website. Again a simple HTML site was designed.
Brand development.
The brief given was:
The usual small business brief.

What we delivered.

We delivered a multipage website in html. As with most medical websites, a huge number of pdfs were uploaded and linked for download for patient information.
Staff training for maintenance was made available with the separate purchase of an Adobe app in those days.


The website was successfully operated for many years.
We eventually trained a staff member to maitain the site along with creation of internal forms. We trained in Adobe Creative Suite products.
As many medical practices, the partners sold to a multinational organisation.

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