Small Business.

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This website is my creation to offer photo restoration services to customers.
It came out of my personal family research, where I found most photos either out of focus or scratched or faded OR all of the previous! My family were the worst photographers. And did not look after their albums.
To be fair, most people before the digital revolution did NOT take many photos. They did not have cameras or they were not handy. Albums were poorly created and usually did not keep the precious images in the best condition.
So as I was restoring my own I thought other locals would need a service. A service that also gave advice on presentation and storage, especially in computers and cloud services. So’ MyBigBrag was born.
Initially I intended the site to offer a very diverse set of products and my marketing plan was to offer a taylor-made set of life images’, for people to celebrate and enjoy on their home walls, screens, on their clothes, in albums, or, in fact, anywhere.
That complicated the site.
I am in the process of streamlining it as you may be reading this information. I do intend to create other sites that will simply offer my other services and products.
Brand development.
The brief I gave myself was:
Be creative;
Concentrate on ‘family photo restoration’;
Offer cost-effective pricing.

What we delivered.

It is always difficult designing for yourself.
The first thing I wanted to do was present great typography! I’m passionate about type. Then I wanted to make it as simple as possible for customers to work with me. Part of that process was establishing a ‘drop-off’ point at The Framing Store in Braddon. Great association due to their skills in framing and that I had beed asked to build their new website. The fantastic way their staff worked with customers gave me huge confidence in offering my services through them.
The site uses many tools and plugins to provide the best visitor experience. I hope viewers do appreciate my care and attentin with type and images.
If customers drop their old photos into The Framing Store, I have a ‘job bag’ system in place to protect the photos and respond quickly. I always try to meet at the store with the restored product – whether a file or a print – in person.


The site is providing me with a range of customers.
The great joy I get out of seeing customers pickup their restored image(s). The big smile on their face is so satisfying.

Like to know how much?