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North Ryde Smash Repairs
Just before I changed to WordPress for web production, my brother-in-law asked me to create a website for his business in Sydney as part of their plan to sell the business and retire. So this little site became the last website I produced in HTML back in 2012.
And doesn’t it show!
We’ve come a long way in web design over the last few years. Partly due to ADSL speed increase and now NBN, we can design and construct great looking websites using large images, include videos and animations that do not need Flash, and allow viewers access to  a huge range of usable options. Things like uploading photos or logos or viewing proofs of restored photos at a large size on a website with password access to a customer, and then being able to download after on-line safe payment through credit card or PayPal!
Brand development.
The brief given was:
Keep simple;
Look professional;
Low price.


What we delivered.

A website with only a few pages, but had links to products the business sold. It was created in a very short timeframe.
This website is only included here to remind customers that it may hugely increase a sale value if you have a current and better still, great website! This was not great but did its job. I would not design like this again.


The business was sold and the website does not exist now.

Like to know how much?

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