NusaTengara Association


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NusaTengara Association
After being approached by a member of my Rotary Club, Canberra Burley Griffin – Peter Dawson – to design and construct his business website, he also asked if I would help with his charity project NusaTengara Assocation. I accepted and developed a html website in the late 2000s.
Brand development.
The brief was set by the committee:
Be fresh and modern;
Allow constant revision;
Help raise money for the people of that region in Indonesia.

What we delivered.

At the time it was modern! It used as much white space as I could in those more primitive web design days. Bright warm and friendly colours were used along with the existing logo in its old fashioned colours. I was involved with the association for a while until later – before my conversion to WordPress – someone else in the association re-constructed the website in WordPress. That was much easier for many people to help and add blogs.


The site started the group to understand the power of websites and led towards better communications. Their current site is linked below.

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