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Hall Bros Panelbeating
Hall Bros was my first attempt at website production! And I did not work on it alone, my whole team at The Artworks, especially Shirley worked on this. This was back in the late 1990s.
Limited by many things – mainly our lack of skill – but this was a thrilling start.
We had been producing Hall’s advertising for a number of years, so this was an extension to the TV ads and other material.
Denis Sargent, owner, was very impressed.
Brand development.
The brief given was:
I have no idea what you will be doing, just make it good.

What we delivered.

As the screen shots show, it was pretty simple. There was only ‘dial-up’ then! I think we had only the one small image on it that was about 300x200px.
But we had some animation!
An animated gif of the ‘red’ colour in the logo flowing into the shape. It looked spectacular. We had 5 very small pages.
The angular shape to the left was created in Photoshop – the panel was really a rectangle – with ‘hotspots’ over to create links.


Successful website for its day.
Business eventually sold many years later.

Like to know how much?