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Canberra Artworks
In 2015, the owners of Acumen Photography and Bespoke Framing in Phillip had a dream of joining the businesses into one, adding an art gallery and creating a ner business called Canberra Artworks.
Ironically, my old business from 1980 to 1997 was called The Artworks – a graphic design studio – and the biggest in Canberra during the 1980s.
I changed my business name to Spincreative in 1997 and let the old name lapse.
Brand development.
The brief given was:
Creativety and a centre for art in Phillip.

What we delivered.

A new logo firstly.
What a challenge, nearly the same name but different product!
What I came up with well liked and fitted the purpose well. Then I developed other material and design the signage for the building ready to make this a ‘hub’ of art in Woden.
Designed and went ‘live’ with the website created in a ‘magazine’ style as they were going to be running many events and exhibitions, so that style seemed very appropriate.
All was going well until the owners ran out of money!
Closed and no longer in operation.

Website no longer exists.

Like to know how much?