Canberra Potters Society

The original design for the homepage.

My new design for the homepage.


Canberra Potters

Cooeeweb was selected to re-design the relatively new website because the previous developer had created a limited structure where plugins could not be added and the payment gateway was only through WooCommerce which didn’t report in a way that suited the web team.

Brand development.

The brief was to firstly create a design that is stylish and modern but deliver backend reporting that is easily exportable and understandable.
It must include: Forms for classes that countdown as bookings are made and paid. A membership structure that allows for multiple membership types and online joining and renewal. Plus a Kiln Booking system that allows members to apply for a booking, approval and online payment.
Additionally, we were tasked to provide an e-commerce solution for products in the ‘bricks ’n mortar’ shop at stage two.

What we delivered.

A vastly improved design structure for all pages, with a builder structure and plugins allowing for creativity and great UI and UX throughout. The reporting has improved and staff is quickly getting up to speed in using the improved efficiency.
Most importantly my pricing structure is much, much lower than the previous large organisation.


Efficiency of reporting.
Cost saving.
Better reflection of a creative organisation.

Like to know how much?