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Rick Cochrane Art
In 2016 Rick Cochrane was still working full-time as a print rep. His passion – art – had continued all his life to a point where he was teaching some nights and weekends. He had a simple website that was old fashioned and worst of all only allowed his artwork to be shown at small sizes! And the quality of scanning and phtography of his artwork was poor and ‘colour inaccurate’.
He needed a better site!
Brand development.
The brief was clear:
Large images to show-of the art;
Ability for students to book on-line;
Show-off exhibitions before and after they are on show;
Eventually exhibit students work as well.

What we delivered.

I use the word ‘we’ here because I cannot create a great website by myself. I must have the customer being part of the development team.
Firstly, I spent a full Sunday filming Rick instructing his students in his Monoprint Drypoint Etching Course. A lot of fun in its own right, but gave me an insight into Rick’s teaching and then allowed us to produce a 5 minute instructional video that we could put on the website. Rick has a beautiful radio voice, so we could add his voiceover at the editing stage of production. He did it in one go!
Next was difficult. After looking carefully at images supplied by Rick of his artworks, I had to reject most and re-scan or photograph them to obtain colour accuracy. An old design mate of mine worked at the National Gallery and he told me of the critical eye conservators had with all images in their collection. So, if it is good enough for them, we should do our best. I scanned at 4800dpi! For those who care about technical stuff, 300dpi is all you need for paper printing at same size. We were only going to use on the web! And of course you all know that only needs 72dpi at S/S. My scanner has a density range of 3.4 so all-in-all I can get a pretty good result. After re-sampling down to put on the website. we could start production.
The design process was fairly simple. Keep images as big as we could without slowing the website down too much.
During the past 2 years we have changed the way we show classes on-line and how students can book. All part of a modern website’s ‘living document’ style. We must produce current content, not just a ‘brochure’ website as web designers did in the past.


Classes have been well patrionised.
Rick, friends and family are proud of the images we show.
Google Analytic show we get plenty of viewers and especially ‘organic search’ ones.

Like to know how much?