StoreEzy Self Storage

Full Re-branding.

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StoreEzy Self Storage
Paul Holbrook, owner of StoreEzy Self Storage in Hume ACT contracted me to develop a new corporate identity for his facility. The main component was to be a fully re-developed website with a more professional and easy to use interface.
StoreEzy was well known for its customer service and professional delivery of clean, safe and reliable self storage, but Paul felt the website did not deliver that image.
Paul then agreed to more than a website!
Chris showed Paul how many successful businesses match all their printing, signage, communication and advertising – including social media – with a singularly strong BRAND.
Brand development.
A clear customer brief was delivered by Paul:
Our staff are friendly and know their product.
Our facility is as safe and clean as any in Canberra.
I believe in showing my prices up-front. We are very competitive.
Local business for over 35 years.

What we delivered.

What we delivered.
The current logo was over 15 years old.
I re-freshed it to be more up-to-date.
A colour palette was developed that was as bright and fresh as the people and buildings at StoreEzy. Photos were taken of staff and buildings.
In fact, we eventually chose a photo of the manager Helen, as the homepage ‘hero’ image because it was genuine! It was Helen just being Helen. Honest and original.
The rest followed easily. A big sign on the home page linking to the prices table was established to follow the brief.


Website traffic increased. Business figures improved fairly quickly to match.
The final result was Storage King, a competitor – and international business – bought Paul out and changed the facility to its brand.

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