The Framing Store

Small Business.
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The Framing Store
Pierre Rey, new owner of The Framing Store, inherited a really old-fashioned website design.
Worse than old fashioned though was ‘out-of-date’ information!
Text and images had not been up-dated for a long time. Modern websites MUST present fresh, clear and accurate product and services information. Some services on the old site had NOT been offered by the shop for more than a year.
Brand development.
After many talks with the staff I understood:
Staff are friendly, know their product and are committed to service.
Uniquely situated in Braddon.
Quality products but at higher prices to competitor in street with lower quality.
Staff are artistically trained.

What we delivered.

A colour palette was changed to be harmonious with sister company Bytes’n’Colours. Photos were taken of staff and buildings.
Manager, Warwick was a professional photographer, so he took a lot of the shots we identified in our meetings to show the high level of service and customer interaction The Framing Store delivered.

Google Analytics plugin was installed to monitor website activity. It very quickly showed an increase in traffic. Further investigation with Warwick proved that sales also increased.

Like to know how much?